Watchmen is the story of a much different 1985, in which the existence of super heroes has vastly turned the tide of American History. The appearance of super human, Jon Osterman, aka “Dr. Manhattan”has influenced a victory in the Vietnam War for the United States and has ushered in a not quite so “Cold” War with the Soviet Union. This world is marked by the ominous “Doomsday Clock”perpetually frozen at five minutes to midnight signifying the possibility of all out nuclear warfare. At one time these heroes were a cheerful group praised by the civilians, but a legislation passed in 1977 has outlawed their activities. Beginning with the homicide of Eddie “The Comedian” Blake, a rag-tag group of vigilantes emerge to solve a mystery that goes back in time across several decades. Existing off the grid, and outside the law, “Rorschach” takes it upon himself to solve Eddie’s murder. No longer identifying as heroes, each character has his or her own warped view on the world.“Rorschach’s” quest for the truth begs the question “Who Watches, the Watchmen?” This super hero drama is based on the Hugo-Award winning best-selling graphic novel by Alan Moore (writer for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta) and Dave Gibbons (artist for Dr. Who, The Phantom) The film is directed by Zack Snyder (director for 300, Dawn of the Dead)

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