Official Reveal: BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook Replica is Available Now!

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Posted in: BioShock Infinite, News And Announcements- Dec 20, 2012 10 Comments

BioShock Infinite is due in stores March 26, 2013! Don’t miss our new Sky-Hook replica!

Can you imagine how much easier life would be with a Sky-Hook? Need a beverage — Sky-Hook. Gotta close the door — Sky-Hook. Want to move from one side of Columbia to the other or help disgraced Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt save Elizabeth from being recaptured by Songbird — you guessed it — Sky-Hook.

It’s the only way to travel.

Our motorized Sky-Hook replica is a perfect representation of the one in the forthcoming BioShock Infinite from Irrational/2K Games, and it’s available now through GameStop!

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

BioShock Infinite Skyhook Replica

In Video

Guaranteed to put the steam in your punk:



The Bioshock Infinite Sky-Hook is the main weapon and mode of transportation in the highly anticipated upcoming Bioshock game.

This life size 1:1 prop replica is exactly how the Sky-Hook would look in the real world. The Sky-Hook measures over 22″ in length and is nearly 11″ tall, it features motorized action that causes the gears and 3 hooks to spin when the trigger is squeezed

Details include supportive arm brace and highly detailed engravings as if this replica came directly from R.J. Pickwick Manufacturing. Authentic to in game model including all the screws, woodgrain, metal and leather textures. Highly detailed and game accurate.

Comes packaged in securely in full color box.

Skyhook in Packaging


It’s like something out of the old west — except, you know, also a different reality.

The style and world of BioShock is like nothing else in gaming, and we can’t wait to see what the response to BioShock Infinite is when it’s released in March!

GameStop has the Sky-Hook now, and we’re expecting them at the warehouse early in 2013, so they’ll be everywhere soon!

Get your replica here:

NECA BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook Replica

They Don’t Call it “Infinite” for Nothing

Stay tuned for much more on BioShock Infinite in the New Year, and in the meantime, check out our other current BioShock Infinite items:

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…And if you’re thinking that Elizabeth looks awfully familiar, here’s why.

Get in touch

What’s the first thing you’d do if you had a real Sky-Hook??? Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter or G+ and let us know!

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