Cold-Blooded Killers Never Looked So Good

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Last week we showed off our Reservoir Dogs Action Figures, and this week we up the ante by giving you a look at the Cult Classics Presents Reservoir Dogs Action Figure Boxed Set. For those of you who want every anonymous jewel thief in one big sitting, along with some exclusive accessories, put this set on your wish list.

The set includes:

  • Mr. White with gun and base
  • Mr. Blonde with gun and base
  • Mr. Orange with gun and base
  • Mr. Brown with gun and base
  • Mr. Pink with jewel satchel and base
  • Boxed set exclusives - Gas Can, Soda Cup, and Extra Handgun

Keep an eye on store shelves this May, when you’ll finally be able to act out your own bloody climax, jewel heist gone wrong, or debate of the true meaning of “Like a Virgin.”

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