The Predators Are Ready to Break Out

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Over the past months, NECAonline has revealed articulation, accessories, and extensive photos of the Masked and Unmasked Predator Action Figures from Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem. Today, we conclude our coverage of this highly anticipated release with a final look at the Predators. The Masked and Unmasked Predators hit shelves next month and NECAonline offers a glimpse of both Predators in packaging! Take a look at our image gallery and keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on AVP: Requiem action figures and more!

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Coverage of San Diego Comic Con Exclusives continues today at NECAonline as we debut images of the Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem Mid-Cloak Predator in complete packaging! Featuring an all-new Half-Stealth appearance, with matching Half-Invisible Weapons, the Mid-Cloak Predator also features two highly anticipated new accessories: the Alien Chest Burster and the Alien Face Hugger! Take […]

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