Portal – 7″ Deluxe Action Fig – Atlas w/ LED Lights

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Following the mega success of our ASPHD replicas and the Chell action figure earlier this year comes with infamous duo, Atlas and P-Body. The robots of Portal 2 are now available in figure form.

Portal 2 Atlas & Pbody action figures

Totally to scale with Chell, highly detailed and fully poseable this figure has to be seen to be believed. Atlas comes complete with his own ASHPD accessories which light up AND the bot himself light up too! Atlas glows blue just like the game.

Created from digital outputs provided by Valve and then cleaned, polished and articulated to ensure the best possible representation of these characters.

Clamshell packaging.

This item is limited to ONE Product Run Only

Case of 6

Item Number: 45327
UPC: 6-34482-45327-8
Release Date: Summer 2014

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