Toy Fair 2016 Day 3: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Rocky 40th Anniversary, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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New Announcements from Toy Fair 2016! Day 3 of Toy Fair is a wrap, and we’ve got plenty of announcements to share – for more images and more info, be sure to click the product links below each description. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 Movie) – 1/4 Scale Figure – Donatello Click the thumbnail for […]

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Toy Fair 2016 Day 2: Ash vs Evil Dead, Adventure Time, Pacific Rim and More!

Posted in: Adventure Time, Ash vs Evil Dead, Friday The 13th, House of 1000 Corpses, Toy Fair- Feb 14, 2016 No Comments

New Announcements from Toy Fair 2016! Day 2 of Toy Fair has come to a close! Today we revealed plenty of new horror figures, with Ash vs Evil Dead, Friday the 13th Part 3, and House of 1000 Corpses leading the charge. There was a little something for giant monster fans, too – we showed […]

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Toy Fair 2016 Day 1: Harley Quinn 1/4 Scale, Aliens, HUBSNAPS and Body Knockers

Posted in: Alien, Batman Arkham City, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics, Toy Fair- Feb 13, 2016 1 Comment

New Announcements from Toy Fair 2016! Day 1 of Toy Fair is behind us! Today we revealed our first ever Harley Quinn 1/4 scale figure, a 1/4 scale figure based on 1986’s Aliens, a series of 7″ figures based on Aliens 3, EVEN MORE Harley Quinn items, and new DC Comics Body Knockers. We also […]

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Closer Look: Gremlins 2 Deluxe Bat Gremlin Action Figure

Posted in: Gremlins, News And Announcements- Feb 08, 2016 1 Comment

Taking flight soon! The Bat Gremlin is the result of yet another tragic case of accidental ingestion of liquid DNA. Check out new studio shots of the upcoming figure, set to ship in just a couple of weeks, and remember: always keep your experimental genetic serums clearly labeled “NOT JUICE.” Gremlins 2 – Deluxe Boxed […]

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Shipping Soon: 1/4 Scale Predator with LED Lights, Pacific Rim Ultimate Striker Eureka

Posted in: News And Announcements, Predator- Feb 01, 2016 2 Comments

New photo gallery for Striker Eureka! Later this week we’ll start shipping two heavy hitters to stores: Pacific Rim‘s Ultimate Striker Eureka and the light-up 1/4 scale Jungle Hunter from Predator! Check out the new photo gallery for Ultimate Striker below, plus in-package shots of both figures, and look for these to appear in retail […]

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Closer Look: Aliens 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 7

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New Photo Gallery! The deadly stars of Series 7 in our Aliens action figure line are almost here! Check out Warrior Alien, Grid Alien, and the debut of our first Aliens concept figure, based on the original design for the Xenomorph suit. Series 7 will start shipping in the second half of February. Aliens – […]

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Closer Look: The Hateful 8 Clothed 8″ Action Figures

Posted in: News And Announcements- Jan 21, 2016 12 Comments

Presented in Glorious Retro Figure Style! Our full line of The Hateful Eight clothed action figures is already headed out to stores, so let’s take a close-up look at the colorful cast that’s set to debut on shelves any day now. Check out new studio shots and in-package photos below! The Hateful Eight – 8″ […]

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Shipping this Week: Marvel Deadpool Body Knocker

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Coming soon to stores! The Merc with the Mouth grabs the spotlight in this week’s retailer shipments, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’ll start heading out at the end of the week, so look for the Deadpool Body Knocker to hit shelves soon. More images and video below! Marvel – Deadpool Body […]

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Shipping this Week: Terminator 2 Ultimate T-1000 7″ Scale Action Figure!

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NEW PHOTO GALLERY! The latest release in NECA’s Ultimate 7” scale action figure line is shipping out to retailers this week, in the form of the liquid metal antagonist of Terminator 2! To celebrate we’re sharing a brand-new stylized photo gallery featuring the T-1000. You can find links to previous Ultimate T2 action figure galleries […]

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