Closer Look: Devil May Cry – Ultimate Dante 7″ Action Figure!

Posted in: Behind The Scenes, Devil May Cry- Apr 21, 2015 3 Comments

An action-packed photo shoot with Dante! The white-haired demon hunter from Devil May Cry proves he’s got what it takes to take a great photo. Dante shows off some of his moves from the bestselling video game series below – packaging pictures included! The figure will be shipping to retailers later this month. Click the […]

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Closer Look: Pacific Rim 18″ Striker Eureka Action Figure with LED Lights

Posted in: News And Announcements, Pacific Rim- Apr 15, 2015 No Comments

Pacific Rim gets bigger than ever! Get ready, because the 18″ Scale Striker Eureka action figure is coming soon! It’s packed with features and even has red and blue lights in the head and chest. Pacific Rim’s only Mark-5 Jaeger will start shipping next week, so let’s take a closer look at the final figure […]

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First Look at the New Line-Up of Terminator: Genisys Action Figures!

Posted in: News And Announcements, Terminator Genisys- Apr 07, 2015 9 Comments

Guardian T-800 and T-1000 Revealed! We’re extremely excited to reveal the first images of our action figures for the upcoming sci-fi movie Terminator: Genisys! The new assortment for the Skydance Productions feature will include the Guardian T-800 and the T-1000, both with amazing articulation and awesome accessories. Additional figures are also in development! From the […]

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Shipping this Week: Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 Clothed Freddy and Planet of the Apes Lawgiver Statue

Posted in: News And Announcements, Nightmare on Elm Street, Planet of the Apes (Classic)- Apr 06, 2015 No Comments

Coming soon to a store near you! NECA is laying down the law! This week’s retailer shipments include one Lawgiver (from the classic Planet of the Apes) and one law breaker (from Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Revenge). Check out the details below and look for them in stores soon! Nightmare on Elm Street – […]

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Shipping this Week: Jeff Dunham Achmed and Peanut Body Knockers!

Posted in: Jeff Dunham, News And Announcements- Mar 24, 2015 No Comments

Coming soon to retailers! The latest additions to our brand new line of solar-powered Bodyknockers are shipping to stores now! Comedian Jeff Dunham’s creations Peanut and Achmed will be rocking retail shelves soon — get a taste of what you’re in for with this handy commercial. Jeff Dunham – Body Knockers – Peanut and Achmed […]

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Shipping this Week: Predator 7″ Scale Action Figures Series 13

Posted in: News And Announcements, Predator- Mar 18, 2015 No Comments

Coming soon to a store near you! Predator Series 13 starts rolling out to retailers from our warehouse this week! Renegade, Scavage and Cracked Tusk are inspired by the classic Kenner figures, all the way down to their packaging. Check out the photos below, and look for them soon! Predator – 7″ Scale Action Figures […]

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Shipping this Week: 1995 Burning Godzilla and Planet of the Apes Clothed Gorilla Soldier!

Posted in: Blog, Godzilla, News And Announcements, Planet of the Apes (Classic)- Mar 12, 2015 No Comments

Coming soon to a store near you! We’ve got some great classic tributes shipping out to retailers now – in just a week or two, expect to see Burning Godzilla and the retro clothed Gorilla Soldier from Planet of the Apes on store shelves. Check out the details and images below! Godzilla – 12″ Head-to-Tail […]

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Official Pre-Order Links for the Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet!

Posted in: Halo, News And Announcements- Mar 11, 2015 4 Comments

Pre-Order the Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Now! In the weeks since we revealed it, questions have been pouring in about where, when and how to get our hotly anticipated Master Chief motorcycle helmet. So before the deluge reaches need-two-of-every-animal proportions, we are proud to present a list of pre-order links for authorized retailers in the […]

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Shipping Now: Guardians of the Galaxy Full-Size Rocket Raccoon

Posted in: Guardians of the Galaxy, News And Announcements- Mar 02, 2015 1 Comment

Coming soon to a retailer near you! They say March comes in like a lion, but at NECA it starts with a different kind of furry mammal — Rocket Raccoon! Rolling out from our warehouse this week, the limited edition, full-size replica of Rocket Raccoon from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will reach retailers soon. […]

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