Gears of War 3 – 7″ Action Fig – Series 2 Asst (Case 14)

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The long awaited sequel to the 15+ million selling Gears of War franchise released last September and shattered sales records. Our popular line of action figures continues to to expand as we celebrate the Gears of War trilogy. These all new sculpts are the most articulated and detailed Gears of War action figures to date. [...]

Gremlins – 7″ Action Fig – Series 1 Gremlins Asst (Case 14)

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The villainous Gremlin monsters join the Mogwais to celebrate the successful re-launch of the Gremlins line. This first assortment of Gremlins includes all new figures as seen in Gremlins 2. The Flasher Gremlin comes with flexible trenchcoat and removable sunglasses, George Gremlin includes his trademark cigar, and Daffy Gremlin includes gag glasses and noisemaker accessories. [...]

Terminator Collection – 7″ Action Fig – Series 2 Assortment

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A brand new collection containing figures from the original James Cameron Terminator films, including for the first time ever: The original 1984 Terminator in action figure form. Series 2 includes Battle Damaged Tech Noir T-800 w 2 different heads, the Steel Mill T-1000 also with 2 different heads, and the Police Station Assault T-800 with [...]

Nightmare on Elm Street – 18″ Action Figure with Sound – Freddy Krueger **DISCONTINUED**

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Freddy Krueger’s legend comes to life with this 18″ talking action figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street! This gruesomely detailed figure has a movie accurate sculpt. When motion activated, it speaks phrases and makes terrifying sounds from the movie. The dream-stalker is articulated for posing and comes with removable hat and alternate head. Uses [...]

Terminator Collection – 7″ Action Fig – Series 1 Assortment **DISCONTINUED**

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Series 1 of the Terminator Collection includes Tech Noir T-800 from the original movie, the Motorcycle Cop T-1000, and the Endoskeleton. Each figure stands 7″ tall and comes with accessories. Blister card packaging. ***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***

Iggy Pop – 7″ Action Fig (Case 6)

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The legendary Iggy Pop is finally celebrated in action figure form! There’s a reason why many consider him the godfather of punk — every single punk band from the past forty years has either knowingly or unknowingly borrowed a thing or two from Pop and his band, the Stooges. With a career that spans decades [...]

BioShock – Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Light-Up Big Daddy Bouncer **DISCONTINUED**

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The icon of the highly successful BioShock video game franchise gets an upgrade! This deluxe Big Daddy Bouncer action figure is now electronic and features light up eye ports on his head. A 3-way switch allows you to select green, yellow, or red LED lights to represent his mood (batteries are included). This incredibly game-accurate [...]

Bioshock – Deluxe Action Figure – Big Daddy Rosie **DISCONTINUED**

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The Deluxe Big Daddy Rosie is packed with detail. Loaded with articulation and tanks that plug into the back. This enormous figure also comes with the Rivet Gun accessory that she can hold in her right hand. This is the biggest and baddest Big Daddy yet! **THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED**

Beetlejuice – 18″ Action Figure with Sound – Beetlejuice **DISCONTINUED**

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Need to scare the living away from your comfy haunt? Just say “Betelgeuse” three times and you’ll summon the hereafter’s most obnoxious freelance bio-exorcist! Tim Burton’s masterful comedy Beetlejuice comes to life with this talking 18″ action figure of the Ghost with the Most. When motion activated, it speaks actual lines from the movie. Highly [...]