Yes, We Are Making A Life-Size Portal Gun Replica. Here Are The Details. [UPDATED]

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Rumours about the life-size Portal gun replica have been around for a while, but we’re happy to announce the release of Chell’s weapon of choice. Pics inside!


What We Have NOT Revealed At Toy Fair 2012

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Yesterday we talked about what was shown (and stolen) at NYC Toy Fair, but today we want to briefly mention what it’s yet to come: Prometheus, James Cameron’s Aliens, Rambo, Terminator and Kyle Reese, etc..


Cake is NOT a Lie!

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NECA’s new Portal collection begins with the Companion Cube! Trust us, when you’re playing as Chell, racing through the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, being chased down by the artificial intelligence known as GLaDOS and managing to escape through physics-defying teleportation — you want a Companion Cube. Without it, Portal just isn’t Portal, and without it, […]