After five best-selling and highly-praised series of action figures, NECA looks back on the best and the most brutal of our Cult Classics alum. Jason‘s back, in Friday the 13th Part 2 getup (gotta love that bag), and featuring a ton of weapons, interchangeable head, and dear old mommy’s decapitated, decrepit cranium as accessories. The Crow also returns, adding some heroism to our line with an all-new sculpt, brandishing a weathervane for some rooftop battling. New Nightmare Freddy also makes the grade for this Hall of Fame sporting a brand new “demon” alternate head and highly detailed base. And rounding out the best of the beasts is Pinhead, that prickly prince of pain (I feel like the Crypt Keeper with all this freakin alliteration). Pinhead actually makes his Cult Classics debut, but has sold enough figures in his own Hellraiser action figure series that we figure he deserves a place in this elite squad of freaks and weirdos. Pinhead is another all-new sculpt, featuring an interchangeable “human” head, hanging pillar with horrific gore decorations, weapons, mini-puzzle box, and detailed base. Here are some pictures of our all-stars, now go get your own!