The release of our most horrifying figures yet is mere months away and we had to unleash a host of terrifying images of these grisly creatures. Make sure to click the images below to open high resolution photos!

The ultimate life-form made possible through effective implementation of the T-Virus. Tyrant boasts impressive durability and battle capabilities, as well as enough brainpower to obey commands. | Evil in High Resolution

Born from a fertilized human egg that was infused with reptilian DNA through the T-Virus. Hunter boasts razor sharp claws and scale-like skin covering it’s entire body, a frightening cross between a reptile and a human. | Evil in High Resolution

Crimson Head Zombie
A zombie will become a Crimson Head when revived through the V-ACT process. Its increased bloodlust causes it to move faster and to jump at it’s victims. They possess long sharp claws and a unique red colored body. | Evil in High Resolution

These creatures were once regular zombies until the T-Virus ravaged their bodies further causing their brains to expand and their skin to deteriorate. They can jump great heights and distances and they attack their prey using their teeth, claws, and tongue. | Evil in High Resolution

Labcoat Zombie
They were once human but were infected and consequently resurrected by the T-Virus. A zombie will continue its search for food even with severed limbs or when missing the lower half of its body. | Evil in High Resolution

These horrific figures are available this fall. For now, keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Resident Evil collectibles and more!