If you go to The Official Brian May Website you can find an interesting tidbit in the news archives. Brian May saw the prototype for the Freddie Mercury 18 Inch Action Figure, took a couple pictures with it, and had this to say:

“Got a moment to see that figure of Freddie – in prototype form while Richard had him in tow. I think the likeness is amazing …. it looks like a real tiny version of Freddie … quite uncanny ….. with the music it should be …well, very interesting, to say the least !! Love, Bri”

Also, the sound for the figure has been finalized. A full one minute medley of “We Will Rock You”, “Radio Ga Ga”, and “We Are The Champions” will blast its way through this awesome figure. Don’t forget to go to The Official Brian May Website for more information on all things Queen and Brian May. Special thanks to Brian May for the images from his website!