Behind The Scenes Wednesday Reveals Upcoming Predators S7, Mogwai S3, and Prometheus S2!

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NECA’s Twitter Feed Revealed Several BTS Shots Today

If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, we invite you to reconsider. Director of Product Development Randy Falk personally manages the account, and often reveals breaking news in his tweets.

Below are the announcements he’s made today:

Behind The Scenes Wednesday

Big reveals by @NECA_TOYS show upcoming #Predators, #Mogwai, and #Prometheus figures!

Storified by Leonardo Saraceni · Wed, Oct 24 2012 11:16:26

BTS – first painted Samples of Predators Series 7 directly from the factory, these are not final, but close
For those who don’t know – Big Red uses the new hip and double knee articulation and the City Hunter can hold both the skull/spine & spearNECA
BTS – First samples of painted Mogwais Series 3, all based on the original 1984 Gremlins. *not final deco
BTS – seems you’re loving the Prometheus figures so far. Here is a look at what is to come in Series 2 and beyond
@illproxy holographic versions of both Engineers are in development, possible exclusives for 2013. Trying to get the best effect possibleNECA

On Prometheus Schedule

Randy also reminded us of the tentative schedule for Prometheus series 2 and 3.

  • January – David, Holloway, & Deacon (Series 2)
  • Spring – Fifield, Shaw, & Vickers (Series 3)

Adding to that, remember we have an exclusive 2-pack available at Toys ‘R Us this Holiday season.

More To Come!

Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground – we have a LOT more exciting news to share with you.

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