BTS – 1/4 Scale Iron Man Action Figure, Due In May!

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Iron Man Lives Again!!!

Want to end your week on a high note? Then feast your peepers on the 1/4 Scale Iron Man action figure!

Behold 1/4 Scale Iron Man’s light-up chest, palms and head! Tremble before his cold, movie-accurate gaze, and imagine how it would look even more awesome on your shelf than it did on our conference table this morning!

Randy, as ever, gave the world its first look at everyone’s favorite Avenger via Twitter. The figure will be out in May and we can’t hardly wait.

The Tweets, as They Happened

Behind The Scenes – @NECA_TOYS 1/4 Iron Man

Coming this May, to celebrate the release of Iron Man 3!

Storified by Leonardo Saraceni· Fri, Mar 22 2013 11:33:12

Happy Friday – BTS images of the 1/4 scale Iron-Man directly from our factory conference room table this morning http://<a href="" class=""></a>NECA
@DioramaMaker How about some more? 1/4 Scale Iron-Man coming this May, cue the Black Sabbath http://<a href="" class=""></a>NECA
Iron-Man is just too much fun, Here is one more for you to hold you over <a href="" class=""></a>NECA
@xBigbotx head, chest and palms all individually light up. 2 pairs of hands too and 4 flaps on back are articulated too. He ROCKS!!NECA
@berzerker_x yes sir, on shelves in the month of May to celebrate the release of Iron Man 3.NECA

The Feedback!

@NECA_TOYS that looks fantastic. very glad I preordered!Mitch Santona
@NECA_TOYS My jaw dropped. Absolutely incredible.Justin Bonica
@NECA_TOYS fantastic! What a way to start my day! I’ve been asking for an upd8 & now here it is! This is beyond amazing Randy!Renz
@NECA_TOYS wow so awesome cant wait to get my hands on oneJr.
@NECA_TOYS holy balls son, looks like you shrunk the real thing to 18" tall!! Must own now!Matt Stein
@NECA_TOYS sorry but…….fucking hell that looks good :)Jack Burton
@NECA_TOYS wow this looks awesome the chest lights up tooJr.

Want a Closer Look?

We’re guessing with that response that yeah, you do. Here goes:



“Apparently I’m volatile, self-obsessed, and don’t play well with others.” — Tony Stark


More to Come

With two months still to go ’til these bad boys ship out, keep your heads up for news on the 1/4 Scale Iron Man figure and more from Avengers to come!

Keep up to date with the latest behind-the-scenes action by following NECA on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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