Ever since we announced it earlier this year, we’ve been simply deluged with questions about the BioShock Infinite George Washington Motorized Patriot figure (mainly of the “When when WHEN?” variety). After some tantalizing teases, we can at last reveal Mr. Washington in all his creepy, slightly decrepit glory!

He’s a Heavy Hitter

44936 George Washington Heavy Hitter Patiot

That image, while indeed majestic, doesn’t really give you a sense of this bad boy’s true size, so take a look at George with Elizabeth from Series 1 of the BioShock Infinite action figures:

44936 George Washington Heavy Hitter Patiot Pkg2
At over 9″ tall, the Washington Patriot towers over Elizabeth’s svelte 6.5″ inches, giving you an idea of how intimidating it would be to run into this guy on Columbia. Hmm, there were some other Heavy Hitters, weren’t there?

When When WHEN?

So close! The George Washington Motorized Patriot will begin shipping to retailers at the end of the month. You can check up on this and other ship dates on the NECA Shipping Calendar.
44936 George Washington Heavy Hitter Patiot Pkg1