Gears Of War 3 Action Figures Series 1 Ready To Ship

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After Marcus Fenix and his COG team were forced to destroy Jacinto plateau, peace time is cut short.

Now, there’s a cure to stop the Lambent, but the Gears are needed to execute it.

Straight from the factory line:

Gears of War 3 Series 1 figures are on the way!

After a short delay we are happy to announce that the Gears 3 action figures are now shipping from our factories, and should arrive at retailers around Mid-November.

The first assortment includes Marcus, Carmine, and Anya. All featuring brand new sculpts and over 30 points of articulation in each figure.

See the GOW 3 Figures on Amazon right now.

The most incredible Gears figures yet.

Expect to see this on shelves in a few short weeks and the best part  –  Series 2 will follow shortly after.

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