NECA at San Diego Comic Con 2011

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Wow, over the past few weeks, we’ve announced some awesome news regarding this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. We’re bringing a bag full of goodies, and just in case you’ve been hiding out and missed the news, here’s a brief recap of all the specials we’re bringing with us this year! SDCC “Gort” Predator The original […]

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The Last Potter

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It’s going to be the biggest movie of the year, hands down. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2. Imagine: The end of the Harry Potter saga. What is Daniel Radcliffe now, like, 48? Well, he’s still playing a 17 year old, and that 17 year old is about to finish off the fight […]

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Jeff Dunham Done Right

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He’s like a one-man catchphrase factory, and if you take a second to look up “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” over on YouTube, you’ll see that in one video alone, comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham has over 135 million views. In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a lot. Jeff Dunham has done three separate specials for Comedy Central, […]

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NECA Goes Green!

Posted in: Green Lantern, News And Announcements- Jun 17, 2011 No Comments

This weekend marks the release of one of 2011’s biggest movies: The poignant and touching drama How Green is Your Lantern?, in which Hal Jordan goes on a quiet, explosion-free journey of self-discovery and comes to terms with the great secret of his childhood. Okay, maybe not. Even better, Green Lantern is this summer’s most […]

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NECA to Produce Valve Consumer Products

Posted in: Press Releases- Jun 07, 2011 10 Comments

NECA is proud to announce an agreement with one of the most highly respected entertainment software and technology companies, Valve, to produce consumer products based on Valve’s much-acclaimed games. Over the next coming days and weeks, you can expect more exciting news. To make sure you stay updated on all things NECA, make sure to […]

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Welcome To The New NECAOnline!

Posted in: News And Announcements- May 25, 2011 No Comments

Sometimes, you just need a little change. And for us, that meant unrolling a few new avenues of communication. First the official NECA Facebook page, then Randy’s Twitter became official. Now: a new website. The old one was great, but a little bare bones considering the amazing licenses we have, and the many products we […]

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It’s How You Play…

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2011 is off to a furious start and your friends here at NECA are rested and relaxed after a long holiday break. Oh wait, no we’re not. That’s right. While you were knee-deep in egg nog and wearing glasses with funny numbers on them, we were working the entire time to continue to bring you […]

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Own a Piece of Horror History

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It may not be able to take a hockey puck to the face, but for scaring campers, it’s second to none. For more than a generation, Friday the 13th has been tops among the all-time horror franchises, and Jason Vorhees is a character as recognizable as any Dracula, Frankensteins or Mummies you might want to […]

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Gizmo’s Gotta Motor

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We can’t officially advocate you getting them wet, feeding them after midnight or exposing them to bright light, but we can say your life might be more interesting if you did. Who would’ve thought that 26 years after its original release, Gremlins would still be as much fun as the day it came out? One […]

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