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About NECA, Inc.

NECA Inc. operates as a media and entertainment company worldwide. It now operates in three segments: Consumer Products, Traditional and New Media Entertainment and Online Retailing/Digital Distribution.

Consumer Products

The Consumer products segment is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Entertainment related products, dominating the specialty market. Utilizing its position, NECA has for many years worked with its IP partners to ensure maximum success in movie, DVD and game role-outs.

Traditional and New Media Entertainment

The traditional and new media entertainment segment is investing in existing and producing and distributing new theatrical as well as online projects that will benefit from NECA’s unique and proprietary distribution model.

Online Retailing/Digital Distribution

The online retailing/digital distribution segment leverages NECA’s properties and brands to extend our reach while providing an immersive, cross platform entertainment experience through subscription and individual transaction models.

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Press Contacts

Members of the press can contact us at media[at]necaonline[dot]com.


Business Development Ideas

We’d love to hear your business ideas. Alexis Mueller is our Director of Business Development and Legal Affairs; you may reach him at alexism[at]necaonline[dot]com.


Product Review Requests

Please visit the Product Review Request page and provide the appropriate information.