650h Mutavore1

DISCONTINUED – Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Mutavore

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** From the epic Pacific Rim movie, our newest boxed, ultra-deluxe kaiju action figure is Mutavore! Just when the world thought that the alien invasion was over, this Category IV kaiju emerged from the breach and easily broke through Sydney’s Anti-Kaiju Wall. At over 8” tall and over 6” wide, Mutavore […]

650h Video Game Jason V2_1

DISCONTINUED – Friday the 13th – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Classic Video Game Appearance Jason with Theme Music Packaging

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** To celebrate the 13th figure in our classic video game tribute series, we’re bringing back the one that started it all! Previously available only as a convention exclusive, Jason is back and better than ever, with different deco, a new accessory and special packaging that plays theme music from the […]

590w HotS Series 2 group

DISCONTINUED – Heroes of the Storm – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 2 Assortment

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** NECA is proud to present our second series of 7″ scale action figures from Heroes of the Storm™, the new online team brawler filled with favorite characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s vast video game universes! Created in collaboration with Blizzard, these fantastic figures feature game-authentic sculpts and nearly 30 points of […]

590w aliens s5 group

DISCONTINUED – Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 5 Assortment

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** Series 5 in our best-selling Alien action figure collection includes Lt. Ellen Ripley, Bishop (Queen Attack) and black and red versions of the Xenomorph Warriors from Aliens: Genocide. Ripley features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver and comes with bandolier accessory plus the makeshift flamethrower/pulse rifle hybrid she jury-rigs to battle […]

590w pred s14 group

DISCONTINUED – Predators – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 14 Assortment

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** NECA’s longest running figure collection! Series 14 debuts our first-ever Predators from the 2004 movie Alien vs. Predator. Celtic, Scar and Chopper feature all-new bodies with a mind-blowing new level of articulation – over 30 points! Each comes with character-specific gauntlets, armor, weapons, trophies and other accessories. We’ve paid close […]

590w Otachi1 DISC

DISCONTINUED – Pacific Rim – 7” Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Kaiju Flying Otachi

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** The deadly Otachi takes flight! Our latest ultra-deluxe kaiju action figure from Pacific Rim is the winged form of Otachi, with a massive wingspan of nearly 2 feet. It’s extra-detailed, fully articulated and to scale with our Jaeger action figures, plus we’ve added a new feature… The included Flight Stand […]

650h John Matrix

Commando – 7” Scale Action Figure – 30th Anniversary Ultimate John Matrix ***DISCONTINUED***

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To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Commando, we present the definitive collector’s version of John Matrix from the 1985 film that gave new meaning to the phrase “let off some steam.” This deluxe 7” scale action figure features the authorized likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger and over 25 points of articulation. As befits a former special […]

650h NES_Mohawk1

Gremlins 2 – 7” Scale Action Figure – Mohawk (Video Game Appearance) ***DISCONTINUED***

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NECA’s line of classic video game tribute figures welcomes the most evil Gremlin of them all! Mohawk gets the 8-bit treatment based on his 1990 Gremlins video game appearance. The figures stands over 6″ tall and is fully articulated, including a hinged jaw. Special paint deco reproduces the game’s pixilated look, and it comes with […]

650h 51907_Ultimate_T800

DISCONTINUED – Terminator 2 – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate T-800

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** Imposing, chilling, deadly… There are so many words to describe the T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but we’re about to add another — Ultimate. This definitive collector’s version of the machine from the future comes from the 1991 film and features the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The deluxe 7” […]