Batman (1989) – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Michael Keaton (Case 2) **DISCONTINUED**

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Based on the iconic 1989 film that defined Batman for the modern generation. We are honored to present this 18″ tall poseable figure featuring Michael Keaton’s likeness, utility belt, batarang, grapple-gun, interchangeable hands, and loads more. Featuring over 20 points of articulation, incredible detail, and a real fabric cape. This is a must have for […]

Gears of War – 3 3/4″ Scale Action Figure – Series 1 Assortment

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They may be small, but the heroes of Gears of War, presented in 3 3/4″ format for the very first time, are still mighty! (And mighty accurate, too!) From the best-selling video game series come these amazingly detailed figures. Series 1 includes Marcus Fenix, Clayton Carmine, and Damon Baird. Each features over 20 points of […]

Friday the 13th – 7″ Action Fig – Series 2 Asst (CASE 8) **DISCONTINUED**

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Friday the 13th Series 2 Part 4: The Final Chapter Jason assortment The definitive versions of Jason in action figure form are upon us. This assortment includes both regular and battle damaged versions of Jason each with a unique mask and head sculpt. Masks are removable and Weapons include machete, double headed axe, and knife. Jason […]

The Avengers – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Captain America **DISCONTINUED**

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Our first 1/4 scale figure from our Marvel Comics license, the Captain America action figure stands 18″ tall and features loads of detail and articulation.

Terminator Collection – 7″ Action Fig – Series 3 Asst (Case 14)

Posted in: Action Figures, Terminator- Aug 23, 2012 1 Comment

Series 3 includes Kyle Reese, Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 & Liquid Nitrogen T-1000 Figures! The third collection in the popular Terminator series brings the first ever action figure of Kyle Reese, a fan-favorite, highly requested for years now – the freedom fighter is based on his 1984 look in the original Terminator and comes complete […]

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – 7″ Action Fig – Ezio (Case 6) **DISCONTINUED**

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Brand New Ezio Auditore Figure From Assassin’s Creed: Revelations! Assassin’s Creed Revelations Ezio 7″ Action Figure  One of the best selling videogame figures of all time gets an upgrade based on his new older, more mature look and costume as seen in the most recent game. Ezio has over 35 points of articulation and is […]

Hunger Games Movie – 7″ Action Fig – Series 2 Asst (Case 8)

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The Hunger Games 7″ Action Figure Assortment Series 2 Following the success of the initial assortment; Series 2 of The Hunger Games movie action figures features Katniss & Peeta in training outfits. Katniss comes with bow and arrows while Peeta comes with interchangeable left forearm in tree camo. These highly detailed poseable action figures stand about […]

Prometheus – 7″ Scale Figure –Series 1 Assortment

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One of the most anticipated movie releases of this year, Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien universe after 30+ years. Our series 1 assortment of Prometheus action figures features 2 different versions of one of the most popular character from the film, the Engineer. The Engineer is re-created in both his pressure suit and chair […]

Predators – 7″ Scale Action Fig – Series 5 Assort (case 14) **DISCONTINUED**

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An amazing collection of all new Predator figures based on the Lost tribe of Predators as seen in Predator 2. Many of these are action figure firsts! Never before seen in action figure form, all with improved articulation including double knee joints and ball jointed hips. Over 25 points of articulation on each figure! Series […]