Later this month, Cult Classics Series 6 hits shelves. In the coming days NECAonline will be taking a closer look at each figure in this highly anticipated series, revealing accessories, complete articulation details, packaging, and new, exclusive photos. Up first is the wisecracking hero of the horror-comedy classic, Army of Darkness: S-Mart Ash! Everyone’s favorite Deadite-slayer appears in his S-Mart uniform, and includes a rifle (with official S-Mart price tag), S-Mart water bottle, and S-Mart stock cart with rolling wheels! S-Mart Ash has over 10 points of articulation, including:

  • Ball-Jointed Neck
  • Ball-Jointed Shoulders
  • Swivel Biceps
  • Swivel Right Thigh
  • Swivel Wrists
  • Swivel Waist
  • Swivel Ankles

You can find S-Mart Ash as part of Cult Classics Series 6 later this month, but for now check out our gallery of images, including complete packaging! And make sure to check back at NECAonline for more updates on Cult Classics Series 6!