The creepiest addition to our 12″ army comes this fall with the Saw Puppet 12″ Action Figure with Sound. Cute little “Billy the Puppet” comes with his tricycle says 6 terrifying, trademark phrases from the hit film franchise:

  • So are you going to watch yourself die today? Or do something about it?
  • There are ways to win this.
  • Let the game begin.
  • Live or die, make your choice.
  • Congratulations, you are still alive.
  • Laughing.

For this horrific release we have a few special composite photos for you. Click on the images to check out larger versions.

Up first we have a simple photo of Billy. | A Monstrous Marionette

Next is a composite shot guaranteed to make your skin crawl. | A Monstrous Marionette

Finally we have one last shot of the putrid puppet, guaranteed to give you nightmares. | A Monstrous Marionette

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