The grisly greatest hits continue with Series 2 of NECA’s own Resident Evil Anniversary Action Figures. A few days ago we revealed 2 figures from this anticipated series, the Tyrant and the Licker, and today we cap off the line-up. Up first is the deadly reptilian horror simply called The Hunter, with ball-jointed shoulders, elbows, fingers, and ankles, a v-jointed crotch, and a hinged jaw. Finally we have a simple, and simply horrifying, classic: our Crimson Head Zombie, with ball-jointed neck and shoulders and swivel-joints at the wrists and waist, complete with brand-new Zombie Dog. True Resident Evil fans will want to find the Labcoat Zombie variant, boasting a brand-new head and upper body sculpt, ball-jointed neck and shoulders, swivel-joints at the wrists and waist, and a T-virus infected crow feasting on a rotting hand. Available exclusively at Transworld stores in the US and all retailers overseas, you better keep your eyes peeled for this guy. Note that these are unapproved production samples, so the final figures may be different from those shown. That completes the roster for Series 2, but keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Resident Evil collectibles and more!