The Hall of Fame returns with 4 awesome additions. Only our truly terrifying, terrific, or just plain kick-ass figures get a place in the Hall of Fame and this series will not leave anyone disappointed!

Up first we have the terrifying Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Originally offered in our notorious Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Boxed Set, Leatherface comes with his chainsaw, mallet, cleaver, hook, interchangeable arm and head, and a new dirt road base.

Next we have two versions of the modern-day slasher icon, The Jigsaw Killer. Based on his appearance in Saw 2 we have a revamped Jigsaw with a new head sculpt of actor Tobin Bell and a redecorated shirt. Next, from Saw 3, we have an eerie pig-masked and red-robed version of the killer. Briefly glimpsed (and revealed to be someone unexpected) in the third entry of the series, this fan favorite definitely deserves a place in this hall of fame.

Finally we have Zombie Ed from Shaun of the Dead. Shaun’s best buddy may not have made it out of the zombie plague alive, but even the undead can enjoy a good video game! Ed comes with a base, new head sculpt and “rotten” deco, a lawn gnome, and a video game controller.

That wraps up the honorees for this series, but check back at NECAonline for all the latest updates on Cult Classics and more!