Every year it’s the same thing at Toy Fair: Groupies all over you, televisions flying out of hotel room windows, and someone’s always got something crazy going on with deli meats. How we managed to survive is anyone’s guess.

Nonetheless, let the word ring out across the land that NECA has emerged in high spirits from Toy Fair 2009 at the Javits Convention Center in scenic New York City, with our heads held high and a boat-load of new products and licenses revealed to the world for the first time!

The anticipation was palpable as we unveiled our expanding Twilight collection (you can see Figures.com’s story
here, with a photo gallery here), which includes just about all the Edward Cullen you can handle and then some, The Watchmen were indeed watched — and the floor shook when new licenses were announced for the video games Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space, both from EA, and SCEA‘s new masterpiece, God Of War 3!

Movie buffs lost their heads when they saw Boondock Saints righteous killers Connor MacManus and Murphy MacManus given the deluxe treatment in our very own Cult Classics line, and The Governator himself never looked better than he did on our shelf as part of our brand new Terminator 2: Judgment Day line! Cool Toy Review‘s photo gallery has pics of the whole booth ready for viewing, including our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Villain Assortment (check out that Krang!) and Series 2 of our line based on the hit game/cultural marking point Street Fighter IV. Chun Li never had it so good.

And though all good things — even Toy Fair — must come to an end, this one didn’t before we showed off Series 1 & 2 of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince and our figures based on Resident Evil 5 (check out Toy News International‘s coverage here)! And just because it was beggin’ for more, holding our pant-legs so we couldn’t get away, we showed the universe Series 4 & 5 of our Gears Of War line! Dig the love from IGN. It’s okay, baby. We feel it too.

Thanks to all who made Toy Fair ’09 one to remember! Here’s looking forward to a great year still to come.