Well friends, we’ve somehow managed to do it again. NECA has made it through another SDCC. Things

on the left coast couldn’t have gone better, to be quite honest. All our exclusives sold well, especially the surprise addition of the Heroclix Thor’s Mighty Chariot (limited quantities are still available on the cheap from us at our Amazon.com storeIr?t=wwwnecaonline 20&l=ur2&o=1), we world debuted new figures from BioShock, and unveiled the latest from

Gears of War, Army of Two, Twilight: New Moon, Dante’s Inferno,

9, and Boondock Saints — and even showed off our brand new BATSU line of specially

designed stylized figures, showing off the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Insane Clown

Posse, Gears of War and Street Fighter!

Check ’em out:





Amazingly, in between all of this, we found time on Friday, July 24, to host a signing for director Shane Acker‘s

upcoming animated Focus Features film, 9, with Elijah Wood,

Jennifer Connelly, Acker himself and producer Timur Bekmambetov.

9 tells the story of a group of numerically-named rag dolls and how 9 emerges as the only

one who can save his world from the post-apocalyptic machines hunting them down. Wood lends his voice to the title

character and Connelly is 7.



Trust us, it’ll all make sense later this month when the first line of figures from NECA are released. By the time

the movie comes out on Sept. 9 (9.9.09 — get it?), you’ll be an expert. In the meantime, a huge thanks goes out to the over 100 fans

who showed up to have their pictures taken, meet the cast and crew and get exclusive movie posters signed. We can’t wait to get these

figures out to you.


When we weren’t blasting brains with the awesomeness of our upcoming figures, shelling out exclusives like there wasn’t an economic

depression on (did we mention there are limited quantities available at the Amazon storeIr?t=wwwnecaonline 20&l=ur2&o=1?) or hunting down autographs, we did manage to sneak in a little work. Or our infamous Director of Product

Development, Randy Falk did, anyway. Randy took part in a discussion panel on licensed toys and

action figures for Action Figure Insider and provided much insight to the inner workings of the industry.

See him in this picture below (he’s all the way to the left) as he carefully ponders his next answer:


As always, SDCC was an absolute blast and we thank the convention for having us and everyone who stopped by the

booth and picked up some of the exclusives (you know, if you missed them, I hear there are still some available at the Amazon.com storeIr?t=wwwnecaonline 20&l=ur2&o=1), or even just said hi. It’s great being out every year and meeting everyone and seeing how

much this industry continues to grow, and though we’re glad to be back in the land where pizza makes sense, we’re already looking

forward to 2010. See you there.