It’s been over a decade since Resident Evil, the most terrifying, imitated, and intense zombie-virus video game franchise to hit your TV screens made its mark on the gaming industry, and fans have been hungrier than a T-virus infected dogs for figures and collectibles. Last year we celebrated the 10 years of gory greatness with NECA’s Resident Evil: Anniversary Series 1 Action Figures, and this year we get even grislier with some of your favorite monsters from the franchise in Series 2. Today we will be revealing two gruesome additions for any fan: the horrific final boss of the original game, the Tyrant, and the stomach-turning Licker, introduced in the first smash sequel. The Tyrant will stand nearly 10 inches tall, with a ball-jointed neck,shoulders, torso, and fingers, and swivel joints in the thighs. The gruesome Licker will have a ball-jointed torso, swivel-jointed forearms, a v-jointed crotch and a bendable tongue! Note that these are unapproved production samples, so the final figures may be different from those shown. Keep checking back at NECAonline to see the final figures in this lineup and for the latest updates on Resident Evil and more!