On Tuesday, NECAonline revealed the heroic half of the upcoming first series of Castlevania Action Figures. Today we venture to the darker half as we unveil the lord of darkness himself, Dracula, and the supernatural seductress, the Succubus. Feeding on the souls of men, the Succubus is a temptation even Simon Belmont may not be able to resist. This beautifully sculpted new figure features multiple points of articulation, including:

  • Ball Jointed Neck
  • Ball Jointed Wings
  • Cut/Swivel Shoulders
  • Cut/Swivel Boots

As with the rest of this upcoming series, the Succubus comes with the following game-accurate accessories:

  • Fleaman
  • Axe

Finally, we come to a being known by many names through the ages. No matter what you choose to call him, one truth remains: he is the embodiment of all that is
dark and evil. He Dracula, master of Castlevania: the dark castle steeped in terror and black magic. Dracula is heavily articulated, including the following:

  • Ball Jointed Neck
  • Ball Jointed Shoulders
  • Ball Jointed Elbows
  • Ball Jointed Knees
  • Ball Jointed Ankles
  • T-Crotch
  • Swivel Waist
  • Swivel Forearms
  • Swivel Wrists

The Lord of Castlevania comes equipped with multiple accessories, including:

  • Eyeball on Chain
  • Stopwatch
  • Vampire Bat

The complete Series 1 of our Castlevania Action Figures will be available this October, but for now check out our images. Please note that the final products may differ from the items shown. Keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Castlevania and more!