Twenty years ago, Jim Henson created a world of wonder and magic with his modern-day fantasy classic, Labyrinth. Starring a young Jennifer Connelly and the iconic David Bowie, Labyrinth is more popular than even, spawning a comic book sequel and special edition DVD. The original story and groundbreaking special effects still captivate new and old fans alike.

NECA is proud to present the debut figure of our Cult Classics Presents line: Jareth the Goblin King! This figure is a meticulous rendition of David Bowid as the cunning creator of the Labyrinth and features multiple points of articulation and accessories! Until this highly anticipated figure hits shelves this spring, keep checking back at NECAonline for more details and updates on the best collectibles money can buy! For now, check out our exclusive photos of the Goblin King, Jareth!