There is a special chase (i.e. “variant”) figure in Resident Evil Series 2 that we had managed to keep secret from everyone (except employees of NECA and Capcom of course). The figure is packed randomly at a ratio of about 1 in every 5 cases. We did something similar in Series 1 with the Bloody Chainsaw Ganado variant only the chase figure in Series 2 is much cooler and is very different in appearance.
We ran a little contest on MySpace for the first person who was able to find this figure, with proof, and we will be sending them the RPD Leon – the Summer Convention Exclusive not available in stores.
I know you have two questions for us: What is the chase figure, and who won the contest? Let’s answer them in that exact order!

The chase figure for Resident Evil 4 Series 2 is an Iron Maiden Regenerator as he would be seen through the Thermal Scope. In the game, when you look at one of these crazy bastards through a thermal scope it reveals the locations of the plagas parasites in the body, showing you where the weak spots are. Let’s just say that without being able to do this, killing the thing is pretty damn tough.

Anyhow, Ryan B. of Connecticut found the chase first at the Buckland Hills Hot Topic, Manchester CT. This lucky fan gets to pair up with an RPD Leon Exclusive Action Figure, and boy is he going to have some jealous friends. Here is a look at his proof-providing, prize winning photo, and a look at the full figure!