NECAonline’s coverage of 2007’s NYC Toy Fair continues as we unveil even more collectibles and announce several new license acquisitions! For part one of our coverage click here.Today we’re highlighting our new Nightmare Before Christmas, Cult Classics Presents, Harry Potter, and Resident Evil Anniversary Series collectibles and action figures on display at this year’s Toy Fair.

Up first we have sculpts of figures for upcoming series of Nightmare Before Christmas figures. Does anyone else think a kid with his eyes sewn shut is really disturbing?

Next up is our wall of video game Gods and Ghouls, including the God of War Kratos 12″ Action Figure and sculpts for the upcoming of Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Series 2.

Here’s another view of the repulsive Tyrant figure, with a brand new Hannibal Lecter sneaking into the bottom of the frame.

Here’s a better shot of Hannibal alongside Jareth the Goblin King from Cult Classics Presents.

The Reservoir Dogs Box Set coming soon from Cult Classics Presents.

Our Cult Classics wall, along with a new Scarface sculpt and Billy the Puppet from Saw.

Finally, our Harry Potter section, including brand new figures and plushes in their public debut.

While NECA had all these exciting collectibles on display at this year’s NYC Toy Fair, we also announced some exciting new licenses for 2007. This year, you can expect action figures from the classic video game franchise Castlevania and horror favorite The Lost Boys! Keep coming back to NECAonline for more updates on upcoming figures, collectibles, and more!