Yesterday we stated that photography would not be allowed at the UK Show, yet by this morning images had made their way online. It seems that an uninformed NECA representative granted Action-Figure.Com permission to photograph and publish some new images of Resident Evil 4, Freddie Mercury and Pirates of the Caribbean figures.

We at NECA do not allow photography at industry trade shows because our figures are very often set up improperly by sales reps and/or distributors unfamiliar with the new products, how there are meant to displayed, etc. Also, some figures on display are still works in progress; they are not meant to be seen by the general public until completed and approved.

Internally, we spend a great deal of time creating each prototype we feel that first impressions are important. We want to make sure that you all see the figures the way they were meant to be seen so we have asked these images are removed from

We will be unveiling new images almost daily at NecaOnline during this Toy Fair season so keep checking back and thank you to Paul and Adrian at Action-Figure.Com for their cooperation.