What do you get if you’re the Reservoir Dogs fan that has it all? You have the multiple DVDs, the killer soundtrack, probably a poster or three, maybe a human ear preserved in formaldehyde… hell, if you’re like I am, you still have your original worn-out VHS copy sitting on your shelf. This May, make the best addition to your shrine to the holiest of holies when it comes to pop culture references, badass dialogue, and sadistic violence with Cult Classics Presents Reservoir Dogs Action Figures from NECA. Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, and Mr. Brown will each include a handgun, while Mr. Pink comes with a jewel satchel. Of course, each figure comes with removable sunglasses and connecting display bases, because figures like this were meant to be ripped out of that beautiful packaging and sit on your shelf. So crank up “Stuck in the Middle With You,” get out your straight razors and gas cans, and do a happy dance while you get a good look at these teaser photos. Keep coming back to NECAonline for more news and announcements about our Cult Classics Presents Reservoir Dogs Action Figures and other awesome collectibles!