People went crazy for our 2006 Summer Convention Exclusives this year. But for those unfortunate NECA collectors who weren’t able to beat the crazy crowds or shell out the money for travel this convention season have one last chance to get the awesome Exclusives we offered through our Online Collector’s Club. Get yours now! Supplies are very limited! The following Masters of the Universe Convention Exclusives are available through our Four Horsemen Collector’s Club:

  • Evil Lyn Mini Statue
  • Mekaneck Mini-Bust
  • Man-at-Arms Mini-Bust
  • Teela Mini-Bust

The following non-MOTU exclusives can be found at The Exclusives Club

  • Resident Evil R.P.D. Leon
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Cannibal Jack Sparrow
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Captain Jack Skellington

Please note that supplies are very limited and are not available in wholesale quantities! We are accepting only direct-to-consumer purchases for all Exclusives items.