Sometimes, you just need a little change. And for us, that meant unrolling a few new avenues of communication. First the official NECA Facebook page, then Randy’s Twitter became official. Now: a new website. The old one was great, but a little bare bones considering the amazing licenses we have, and the many products we make.

While everything is different, it’s still really all the same. You can still find a listing of all the amazing licensed movie merchandise we make, just now with the Search feature it’s a little easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll still be updating the blog every time Randy has something new and exciting coming out. And as a bonus feature, we’ve now made it easier than ever for new retail partners to contact us. | Welcome To The New NECAOnline!

So take a moment and look around. There are a lot of cool products on display, and a lot of things for you to see. And don’t forget to hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. It’s the easiest way to keep up with all the news, plus get sneak peeks at all the new products coming up.

Hope you like the new site, and see you next time!