WizKids is proud to present the Epic Games Gears of War HeroClix Gravity Feed!  Get ready to lock and load as the Gears of War Saga finally enters the arena of HeroClix!

Featuring heroes from the upcoming summer hit Gears of War 3 and infamous villains from across the GOW saga makes this set a must have for any gaming fan!

5 unique sculpts from the Gears of War 3 Delta Squad coupled with 5 unique sculpts of the most sinister villains makes this set a must have for Gears fans! The 10 sculpt set boasts customized GOW themed powers and abilities, giving the same intense game-play that the video game provides!

The Gears of War set is completely compatible with all other HeroClix figures!

Each Gravity Feed comes with 24 single figure blind boosters, providing a low-cost point of entry for new players and a fast convenient way for current players to supplement their collections.