Greetings toy connoisseurs,

We are delighted to show not just another GOW3 tease but the official final packaging details.

All of these COGs come with 30+ points of articulation, and with Anya and Carmine, a highly detailed Lancer. Marcus brings his own Retro Lancer to the game.

This is the best thing you can expect short of holding them in your hands. Here they are, Marcus, Carmine, and Anya.

Coming Mid November

These will start to hit your favorite store mid-November. Only 1-2 weeks away now..!

Find Them All On Amazon Now

Our GOW 3 Figures are now available on Amazon and on your favorite toy store too.

And if you’re into sneak peeks, stay tuned for a HUGE (over 2 feet long!) Assassins’ Creed announcement this week. UPDATE – we just announced the Assassins Creed Revelations DaVinci Flying Machine Toy and published the DaVinci Machine Instruction Manual too.

How do you like them wings? | Gears Of War Series 3 Action Figures Final Packaging