This year, from October 11-14th, New York City saw an abnormal influx of geek culture fanatics. They came to experience NY Comic Con, and even though NECA didnt have a booth there, we made our presence known in style.

Let me explain. Back in July, the folks over at Geek Chic Daily NYC asked us if we were going to attend the Con. They were planning a big party there to launch their new offices and wanted us to join the celebration. We cant pass on a party, so we helped them decorate their booth properly (lots of swagger!).

The Willy Wonka Of Toys

The real icing on the cake for the GCD party was a NECA Studio Tour Giveaway. A lucky Comic Con attendee was going to win a guided tour of our NJ Studio, see where all of the magic happens, meet our Oompa-Loompas artists, and go home with as much free stuff as they can carry.

So much buzz was created around the contest that GCDNYC decided to allow their readers that didnt make to the Con to participate. Over 1100 entries were collected. Sadly, no golden ticket awaited the winner.

Meet Patricia Riera, The Winner

Patricia was randomly picked out of the 1100+ entries. She’s from the Bronx and is planning her visit here next week. Her picture is at the top of this article.

We’ll document Patricia’s visit and post it here afterwards. Stay tuned!