All new figures feature Predator looks from Predator 2!

One of the most exciting things about the Predator franchise has always been that no two Predators are exactly the same. Like humans, their species has variety in look, shape, size, role, etc. With Series 4 of our Predators action figure line, NECA is delving deeper into Predator lore than ever, bringing you three brand new figures based on the Lost Tribe as seen in Predator 2!

Predator 2 was where the Predator got hip. Long gone were the clunky, frumpy 1980s (well, not that long gone), and it was the dawn of a leaner, meaner monster. Perhaps the leanest and meanest of them all, the City Hunter Predator will be immediately recognizable to anyone who saw the classic 1990 sequel. In Series 4, this Gary Busey-demolishing baddie is joined by the Boar Hunter Predator and the Shaman Predator from the Lost Tribe, both never before seen as a NECA Predator action figure!

And really, if you’re going to be a premiere figure in a NECA series, this is the way to do it. The Shaman Predator comes with a staff, and the other two have those killer smart discs (AKA “the frisbee of death”) that get tossed around in the movie, and all three have over 25 points of articulation, including double-knee joints, ball-jointed hips and more. Because if you’re going to be an intergalactic hunter, you want to be as flexible as possible.

For more info on the series, see the Predator Series 4 Action Figures. Predators Series 4 is available now — as in, go get it — and we’ll have more news on the next batch soon, so keep it tuned to your favorite wholesale action figures provider for updates on Predators and all your favorite movies, games, and more!