Final chance to get this discontinued series!

From deep in the uncharted reaches of the NECA warehouse, an amazing find! | LAST IN STOCK! Gears of War - 7

Dom and Marcus each appear in their Theron disguises from the “Road To Ruin” mission. With interchangeable heads, improved elbow articulation and Lancer weapons that can peg into their backs (for those times when they’re not raining down destruction on the Horde). | LAST IN STOCK! Gears of War - 7

An armored Locust Grenadier Elite comes with a peggable Gnasher shotgun, and the helmeted Locust Grenadier Flamethrower includes a Scorcher flamethrower and fuel tank backpack! And for anyone who can’t get enough Gears, there’s the Ticker with classic motorized “pull-back-and-go” action!

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Case of 8

Assortment quantities per character may differ from case to case.

Regular Assortment cases of 14 are SOLD OUT and Discontinued.