Here’s your exclusive first look at the massive 1/4 Scale Predators Series 2!

You have to expect that whenever Predators get involved, the end result is dominance, but the success of our Predator action figures continues to blow our minds anyway. And it’s not just the 7″ versions anymore!

When we unveiled the 1/4 Scale Predators Series 1 figures, the response was immediate and huge. Both the 1/4 Scale Warrior Predator and the 1/4 Scale Masked City Hunter Predator became must-haves for Predator fans young and old, and now we’re glad to be able to bring you the next installment!

Series 2 picks up right where Series 1 left off, and features the Unmasked City Hunter Predator and the Guardian Predator, both from Predator 2!

1/4 Scale Guardian Predator


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Guardian14 100x150Guardian11 100x150Guardian9 100x150Guardian10 100x150Guardian13 100x150

This movie accurate 1/4 Scale Guardian Predator figure also has separate body suit netting, over 25 points of articulation, and interchangeable hands. Comes with throwing disc and telescoping spear. Stands over 20″ tall!

1/4 Scale Unmasked City Hunter Predator


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CityHunter5 107x150CityHunter3 100x150CityHunter2 100x150CityHunter4 100x150

The menacing main Predator of Predator 2 returns, and this time the mask is off! The 1/4 Scale Unmasked City Hunter Predator features over 25 points of articulation, separate body suit netting, and interchangeable hands. Comes with a throwing disc and collapsed spear. Stands over 20″ tall and displays unprecedented detail for a figure this size.

They Can’t Be Stopped!

You know we love our Predators around here. Here are some more of the latest and greatest:

We’ve also got new action shots of the Series 7 figures that are not to be missed: Masked City Hunter Predator and Camo Cloaked Falconer Predator.

Stick Around

Stay tuned later this week for a closer look at Big Red from Series 7 and stay tuned for more 1/4 Scale Predators Series 2 as we get closer to the release.

Until then, get in touch on on Facebook, Twitter or G+ to let us know what you think of the 1/4 Scale Guardian and Unmasked City Hunter Predators!

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