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Appearing at retailers near you soon, it’s the latest in protection technology from Aperture! The 8″ Sentry Turret Blank Vinyl Figure lets you customize your very own turret, ensuring an exact match to whatever environment you choose.

Just think about all the potential areas you could place a turret — to guard your seat at the movies while you’re getting popcorn, or maybe at the laundromat to dissuade anyone from taking your clothes out of the dryer. Then grab a bunch and let your inner science innovator loose.

Portal 2 – 8″ Blank Vinyl Figure – Sentry Turret | Shipping this Week: Portal 2 – 8″ Blank Vinyl Figure – Sentry Turret

Create perfectly camouflaged security for any environment with this customizable Portal 2 Sentry Turret vinyl figure!

Each 8″ figure is an irresistible blank canvas, waiting for you to make it a one-of-a-kind creation. Comes with one permanent black marker.

Want more info and images? Visit the product page:
Portal 2 – 8″ Blank Vinyl Figure – Sentry Turret

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