The NECA Collector Spotlight series is proud to show off the collection and custom dioramas of our next collector!

Basic Info

Collector Name: Brett Bartnik

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

Many many years

Why Did You Start Collecting?

I started collecting because I have a passion for movies. I like to take the beautiful designed figures and make dioramas for them. It brings the figures more to life in a sense.

What Was Your First Item?

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 1 Freddy Kruger.

Share Any Unique Details About Your Collection

I collect mostly horror figures. Mostly Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees figures and as I was saying before, I make dioramas for each one.

What Is Your Favorite Item?

A Nightmare on Elm Street Ultimate Freddy Krueger

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?

IT Pennywise!?

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