This week’s Collector Spotlight has a beautiful collection!

Basic Info

Collector Name: Lee Strudwick
Instagram: mrstrudwick
Twitter: mrstrudwick

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

10+ years

Why Did You Start Collecting?

Partly due to my love of movies and partly due to my love of toys. I remember being obsessed with action figures as a kid – Ghostbusters, He-man, Ninja Turtles and various Kenner lines – Batman, Alien, Predator, Terminator, etc. NECA Toys are the best way to continue that love into adulthood!

What Was Your First Item?

I think my first NECA item was the Cult Classics Slimer. It was like my perfect toy. I love Ghostbusters the movie. I loved the animated Ghostbusters toys and it has a neat glow in the dark gimmick. Perfect!

Share Any Unique Details About Your Collection

Living in the UK there was no easy way to get hold of the quarter scale movie Turtles. So each time one has been released I’ve booked a trip to the states to coincide with it…and then I’ve gone on the hunt! Now I’ve got them all! Those same trips also turned up three 7″ Batman figures including my holy grail 1989 Keaton Batman!
I also have a Kenner Batman in my collection that was the first Batman toy I ever owned.

What Is Your Favorite Item?

1989 Batman or Pennywise

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?

Laser Shot Predator, Foot Soldier, Ace Ventura

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