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Basic Info

Collector Name: Jan Piatrik
Instagram: shinsgreenworld

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

Over 4 years

Why Did You Start Collecting?

I’ve always been a great fan of Alien franchise but I never got a chance to collect such a stuff, until I moved to Ireland and I got an opportunity to start with my collection which is growing and I keep trying to make it look better.

What Was Your First Item?

My very first item was the alien warrior from Aliens movie. I was so glad when I found this figure in local Forbidden Planet store.

Share Any Unique Details About Your Collection

I started just with the movie franchise, but as the time was passing I got into comics as well and all the crossover stuff too. Even if some movies/games are not so popular I still appreciate the design of the creatures who appear on the screen or in the comics. The plot is important part, of course, but what matters most is the great design. And when something really catches my heart, I go for it. I thought that the most expensive figure I’d go for is warrior drone, but thanks goodness, my job is not paying that bad and then one day I finally got my Deluxe Alien Queen.

What Is Your Favorite Item?

That is hard to say, but one for them is definitely the Alien Queen

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?


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