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“Keep the Change” Board Game


Spend your holidays outwitting bandits or dodging paint cans with Home Alone: Keep the Change! You’ll split into two teams to relive the classic story, or see if this time, the Bandits can make off with the loot!

One player is Kevin, who draws from a deck of loot and trap cards, and places them around the house. Other players are Marv and Harry, who move through the house, flipping over cards, trying to find Loot (like VCRs) and avoid Traps (like Slippery Stairs). One player can also be “Old Man” Marley, who can help Kevin fight off the Bandits!

The Bandits must collect enough loot and escape before Kevin’s mom gets home!

For 2-4 players. Ages 10 and up.


Release Date November 2021
Item Number 15643
UPC 63448215643-8