This is a Private Auction

Only pre-approved NECA Retailers will be allowed to bid on the items, so please don’t share any of the items. This Auction is a private perk for NECA Retailers and is not for public use.


Important Notes:

  • Items will be placed up for auction with no reserves.
  • We will also help with shipping by combining multiple items if you win multiple items.
  • Product listed in the auctions are typically Warehouse finds of products over 2 years old. This means they may have minor damage, color-faded packaging or materials due to age, etc. NECA will not offer returns or refunds for Auction items. BID AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Who is eligible:

  • You must be a NECA Retailer in good standing. Your NECA Retailer account must be at least 3 months old and active.
  • You cannot have any policy violations within the past 3 months.  
  • Retailers must maintain a 1:1 ratio of Auctions participated in to normal submitted orders. These auctions are a perk for NECA retailers and should not be used as their main source of NECA product.

Setting up your AUCTION ACCOUNT:

  • Please use the same company information that you supplied to NECA when you set up your Retailer account.
  • You must actually attempt to bid on an item in order for us to approve your account for bidding.
  • Please be advised that approvals will be made only during Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Eastern Time Zone.

Go place your bid now