Bioshock Infinite – 7″ Action Figure – Series 1 Asst (Case 8) ***DISCONTINUED***

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Bioshock Infinite Series 1 Assortment We are proud to unveil the first 2 action figures from the year’s most anticipated game release: Bioshock Infinite (releasing February 2013), and the first 2 figures will include Elizabeth and one of the “Heavy Hitter” villains – the Boys of Silence. These figures stand 6.5″ – 7″ tall and are […]

Series 7

Predators – 7″ Action Figure – Series 7 Asst (Case 14) **DISCONTINUED**

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Predators Action Figures On Video! Series 7 Assortment The latest series in the #1 selling Predator line includes something for everyone. The Masked City Hunter from Predator 2 includes throwing disc, spear, and bloody skull & spine. The Camo Cloaked Falconer from Predators includes the long awaited Falcon bird accessory which can peg to his back […]

Series 3_Assortment-bk-sml

DISCONTINUED – Nightmare on Elm St – 7″ Action Figure – Series 3 Assortment

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***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** Including Dream Warriors Freddy w/ forehead crucifix and Dream Child Freddy w/ creepy Freddy baby Following up last year’s highly successful re-launch of the definitive Freddy action figures, this new collection picks up with a 25th Anniversary edition of Dream Warriors Freddy complete with syringe hands, Freddy puppet, and an […]


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – 7″ Action Figure – Ezio hooded Assortment **DISCONTINUED**

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Go Under the Hood with 2 New Ezio Auditore Figures! From the third installment of the hit historical action-adventure video game series: Assassin’s Creed! Series includes Ivory and Onyx Hooded versions of Ezio Auditore! Highly detailed figures with over 30 points of articulation. Figures stand nearly 7″ tall and come with 3 sets of interchangeable […]


Rocky – 7″ Action Figure – Series 2 Asst (Case 8) **DISCONTINUED**

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“I WIN FOR ME!” Series 2 features regular and fight damaged versions of Rocky and Ivan Drago! Rocky Series 2 A brand new series of Rocky figures based on Rocky IV includes both regular and fight damage versions of Rocky with unique head sculpts including the “Bloody Spit” version of Rocky which was the talk of […]


Robocop – 7″ Action Figure – Battle Damaged Robocop **DISCONTINUED**

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Part man. Part machine. All cop… and now, all action figure! Robocop, the classic crime fighter from future Detroit, is back as a 7” scale figure in honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary! This highly detailed Battle Damaged Robocop might be bruised up after duking it out with ED-209, but he’s still got over 20 […]


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Ezio 7″ Action Figure (Onyx Costume Hooded) **DISCONTINUED**

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Based on the video game! Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is the latest in Ubisoft’s best-selling Assassin’s Creed series, and now fans and collectors can add a detailed sculpt of Ezio Onyx to their collections. This highly-detailed figure has over 30 points of articulation. Standing nearly 7′ tall, Ezio Onyx comes with a crossbow accessory. Each figure […]


DISCONTINUED – Rocky – 7″ Action Figure – Series 1 Asst (Case 8)

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*** THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED*** Based on the original 1976 film, Series 1 includes Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed from their historic fist fight. Rocky and Apollo come in both clean and fight damage versions featuring different head sculpts and unique decoration. Figures stand 6 3/4″ – 7″ tall and are fully poseable with […]


Predators – 7″ Action Figure – Series 4 Assortment **DISCONTINUED**

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Predator 2, the action-packed sequel to the original movie, moved the hunt to Los Angeles and revealed a Lost Tribe of alien hunters! The 7″ scale action figures in Series 4 feature improved articulation — over 25 points in all, including double knee joints and ball jointed hips. They’re incredibly detailed, and entirely accurate to […]